Improve awareness of career opportunities and the technology used in transportation engineering and highway construction in order to increase the pool of qualified candidates for related positions.


Raise the level of awareness of at least 1,000 Maryland middle and high school students, as well as their counselors and teachers annually, through interactive presentations.


Host at least three engineering outreach events annually for middle and high schools with strong math and science programs.

  • Promote career opportunities, scholarships, entry level jobs, training and internships available in the transportation industry through the MdQI Students website and social media.
  • Collaborate with other transportation industry outreach programs.

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14th Annual Anne Arundel County Career Day

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Want to promote scholarships, training programs, internships or entry level positions on the MdQI Students website.


Subcommittee Members

Kurt Walcott, P.E., MDOT SHA - Co-Chair Engineering

Sarah Campos, MDOT SHA - Engineering Logistics

Dionna Tunstall, MDOT SHA - Engineering Content Manager

Tom Evans, MD Ready Mix Concrete Association - Co-Chair Construction

John Huchrowski, AMT Engineering - Construction Logistics

Stephanie Hampton, BASF - Construction Content Manager

Team Support

Ray Streib, DFI - Marketing Director

Bashan Prah, MDOT SHA - Branding Manager

Clyde Munz, JMT - Photographer

Aaron Jones, MDOT SHA - TRAC Program

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