The Conference Subcommittee's mission is to plan and host the annual MdQI Conference, which provides members of the Maryland transportation industry with opportunities for education, information sharing, networking, and recognition.

The Subcommittee is actively planning the 2020 conference which will take place on January 22 & 23 at the Baltimore Convention Center.

Exhibitor and Sponsor Registration will open in November followed by General Registration.

Conference SubCommittee

Ray Moravec, Co-Chair, Wallace Montgomery

Laurie Lawler, Co-Chair, MTBMA

Samuel Aimufua, MDOT

Dennis Atkins, MDOT

Anthony Bednarik, Wagman

Theresa Bronakoski, DFI

Belinda Cavey, MDOT

Dierdre Crowl, KCI

Yasin Gregg, MDOT

Sandy Henningsen, Hillis-Carnes

Roger Hensley, MDOT

Catherine Johnson, MDOT

Brian Lange, AECOM

Heather Lowe, MDOT

Kenya Lucas, MDOT

L'Kiesha Markley, MDOT

Pat Martino, RK&K

Angela Perry, Hardesty & Hanover

Julieann Reall-Ball, MDOT (CERP)

Tracy Richardson, MDOT

Stephone Roberts, MDOT

Michael Sakata, MTBMA

Daniel Thomas, MDOT

Frances Ward, MDOT

Chisa Winstead, MDOT