To develop, initiate, and promote partnering which offers opportunities to improve communication, provide structured issue resolution and timely follow-up throughout the transportation industry.

The Partnering Advantage

The Maryland Quality Initiative’s (MdQI) Partnering Subcommittee has steered the statewide Partnering effort for Maryland Department of Transportation State Highway Administration (MDOT SHA) construction projects since 1998. Every partnering venture is distinctive – each issue, each team and each project. There are many moving parts to a project and what’s in play today may be out of play tomorrow. By Partnering effectively, we can produce great project outcomes for all stakeholders.

The Partnering subcommittee provides Partnering training and support for MDOT SHA and now throughout all of MDOT’s Transportation Business Units (TBU’s). The subcommittee partners with stakeholders throughout Maryland’s transportation industry. They provide excellent opportunities and guidance for building positive working relationships which continue to turnout project success stories.

Partnering provides the user a successful path to follow as you weave through the process. It demonstrates the means for creating and sustaining an environment of trust, communication, motivation and teamwork. These efforts allow all project stakeholders to gain significant project benefits. MDOT SHA is transitioning to e-Construction technology, so converting to e-Partnering is the next logical next step. That means utilizing available technologies to exchange and share information and documents more rapidly to increase our pace of business. These processes will improve efficiencies in project management, help foster and improve safety, reduce construction time, manage costs and budgets more efficiently, and improve the quality of projects.

The true value of Partnering is the improved understanding for the project, scope of work, expectations, schedules, responsibilities, and teamwork through a formalized communication structure. The relationships built through Partnering reap benefits not only for current individual project, but in all future projects and efforts moving forward.

Partnering SUBCOMMITTEE Members

Co Chairs

Carly Levine, Partnering Coordinator, MDOT SHA DACEO, (443) 572-5238

Mike Veid, Senior Project Manager, Joseph B. Fay Company, (410)-424-3380

  • Javier Arias - MDOT SHA D3 Construction

  • Jimmy Bahr – EXP

  • Kellie Boulware - MDOT SHA District 5

  • Nora Bucke - MDOT SHA OED

  • Alejandra Chavez - Concrete General, Inc.

  • Karen Fiasco - MDOT SHA District 4

  • John Gover - MDOT SHA D3 Construction

  • Bret Hadzimichalis - Pennoni

  • Matt Harrell - WSP

  • Mike Higgins - Concrete General, Inc.

  • Bill Hoff - MDOT SHA D4 Construction

  • John Huchrowski – AMT Engineering

  • Marc Johnson – BGE Gas

  • Scott Kiebler - EXP

  • Jeffrey Knaub - MDOT SHA OHD

  • Beth Ann Larson - MDOT SHA OHD

  • Joe Manning - Wallace Montgomery

  • Ken Mattlin – Six M Company

  • Bobbi Jean Mihailovich – MDOT SHA D 6

  • Justin Mohr - MDOT SHA OOS

  • Jolene Morris - MDOT SHA D7 Construction

  • Kevin Mullen – McLean Contracting

  • Alex Ollerman – MDOT MAA

  • Keilyn Perez – Federal Highway

  • Eddie Poffenberger – Century Engineering

  • Ed Seeley - MDOT SHA D7 Construction

  • Ed Shirk – Sunrise Safety Services

  • Don Smith – McCormick Taylor

  • Harry Smith - MDOT SHA RCE D1 & 2

  • Teri Soos - MDOT SHA District 7

  • Chad Thornton - MDOT SHA OOC Utilities

  • Eileen Sien - Airport Design Consultants, Inc

MdQI "EXCELLENCE in Partnering" Award Winners

2019 Gold Winner

Severn River Bridge Widening

2019 Silver Winner

BWI Airport Aircraft Parking

2019 Bronze Winner

MD 404 Widening

2018 Gold Winner

I 695 Widening

2018 Silver Winner

MD 180 /MD 351

2018 Bronze Winner

BWI Airport Checkpoint