Mission Statement

Forging a better understanding and stronger relationship between State government, the Utility Owners, and their representatives to address each other’s needs. Our aim is to create positive and cooperative working relationships that benefit the people of Maryland, State DOT, the City and Counties, and the Utility Owners, whereby issues and conflicts can be identified, discussed, and resolved amongst stakeholders in an efficient and timely manner. Further, we intend to provide industry knowledge and improve partnering with a focus on utility identification, design, coordination, and construction.

Utility Sub-Committee


Bill Jackson, MDOT SHA - OOC Utilities, Assistant Statewide Utility Engineer

Patrick Hager, RK&K, Director, Utilities


Lourdes Casteneda, FHWA

John Dodson, MDOT SHA - District 1 Utilities

Brian Fender, MDOT SHA - District 4 Utilities

Steve Troch, RK&K

Nadia Pimentel, NCI

Dane Bryant, Comcast

Garth Jones, Chesapeake Utilities

Adam Mierzwa, SMECO

Ed Klingenstein, MDOT MPA

Marc Johnson, BGE - Gas

Rick Kerfoot, Comcast - CATV

Beth Ann Pierce, MDOT SHA

Kim Livezey, MDOT SHA

Allan G. Melliza, Washington Gas

Justin Mohr, MDOT SHA - OOS

Pamela Burdell, MDOT MTA

Bill Pross, MDOT MdTA

Mike Pasquariello, Century

Robert Davis, Wallace Montgomery

Paul Lee, Wallace Montgomery


Nelson Smith, MDOT SHA, OOC Utilities

Scott Riddle, KCI

Eileen Sien, ADCI-Corp

Steven Troch, RK&K

Jeff Ziegenfuss, WTB