To improve user, customer, employee and contractor safety along all Maryland Transportation Facilities, including: roadway, pedestrian, bicycle, transit, port, and airport facilities.


  • Incorporate innovation to improve mobility and safety
  • Support enforcement activities
  • Promote stakeholder coordination and communications with the public
  • Accelerate construction schedules
  • Improve safety and mobility through construction work areas/zones

Action Items:

  • Work with MDOT Transportation Business Units to secure funding and develop safety messages and programs
  • Explore the impacts of advanced/new technologies on safety
  • Work with Maryland Law Enforcement to promote safety activities
  • Work with stakeholders and business groups to review and comment on new safety legislation

Subcommittee Members


Jim Harkness, MDOT MDTA

Heather Henck, RK&K


Kay Adenaiya, MDOT SHA, OOTS

Henry Alfred, MDOT SHA, OOC

Matt Allen, Wallace Montgomery

David Creighton, Stantec

Jeff Dunckel, Maryland Highway Safety Office

Jack Goode, AMT Engineering

Bryan Hanover, McCormick Taylor

Clarence Haskett, MDOT SHA, OOTS

Steve Hawtof, Gannett Fleming

Breck Jeffers, FHWA-Maryland Division

Tim Kerns, Maryland Highway Safety Office

Barry King, Century Engineering

Gerald Lynott, MDOT MTA

Robert Milstead, Stantec

Chris Minick, Century Engineering

Jawad Paracha, FHWA – Maryland Division

Dilip Patel, MDOT SHA, OOTS

Saed Rahwanji, MDOT SHA, OOTS

Matt Sosnowski, McCormick Taylor

Terri Tabesh, MDOT SHA, OOTS

Morteza Tadayon, Itenology Corp

Heidi Van Luven, AMT Engineering

Bill Whitecotton, MDOT MPA

Linda Zerbee, MDOT SHA, District 6