Project Development


Develop innovative and cost-effective projects, on time and within budget, that use practical design principles, protect the environment and improve the overall quality of Maryland's transportation systems.

Objectives & Action Plans

Objective: Continually educate the industry in matters related to Project Development

Action Plan/Strategy:

Objective: Promote efficiency in Project Development by improving the delivery process 

Action Plan/Strategy:

Current Initiatives

Alternative Delivery Work Group

Meeting Agenda & Minutes

Subcommittee Members


Sushmita Mitra, MDTA

Darrell Mobley, HDR


Laura Ridler, SHA OHD

Scott Pomento, SHA OHD

Lindesy Bobian, SHA OHD

Sean Campion, SHA I-495 & I-270 P3 Office

John Gover, SHA D3

Sutapa Samanta, SHA D4

Nora Bucke, SHA OED

Meredith Spicer, SHA OOC

Nageshwarreddy (Reddy) Karnati, MTA

Pat Martino, RK&K

Tony Mawry, WMA

Dave Leber, Wagman

Andrew Kitchen, Anchor Construction

Pamela Destino, WRA

Shawn Reynolds, JMT

Elizabeth Kanner, STV

James McVeigh, Alpha