Project Development


Develop innovative and cost-effective projects, on time and within budget, that use practical design principles, protect the environment and improve the overall quality of Maryland's transportation systems.

Objectives & Action Plans

Objective: Continually educate the industry in matters related to Project Development

Action Plan/Strategy:

    • Identify the need for updates of guidelines and practices

    • Assist in the development / delivery of training materials

    • Follow up to ensure the training has produced the desired results.

Objective: Promote efficiency in Project Development by improving the delivery process

Action Plan/Strategy:

  • Identify areas of inefficiency

  • Assist in the development and revision of processes and products

  • Follow up to ensure the process and products have produced the desired results

Current Initiatives

  • Apply "Lessons Learned" from previous projects

  • Continually improve the alternative delivery process

  • Promote environmental streamlining in planning and design

  • Explore methods for accelerating construction of projects

  • Mentor SBE / MBE firms

Alternative Delivery Work Group

Meeting Agenda & Minutes

Subcommittee Members


Laura Ridler, MDOT SHA OHD

Darrell Mobley, HDR


Dave Leber, Wagman

Pamela Destino, WRA

Barry Smith, MDOT SHA OHD

Sean Campion, MDOT SHA OHD

Pat Martino, RKK

Sushmita Mitra, MDTA

John Gover, MDOT SHA D3

Tony Mawry, WMA

Kevin Wilsey, MDOT SHA OED

Shawn Reynolds, JMT

Elizabeth Kanner, STV

Nageshwarreddy (Reddy) Karnati, MTA

Andrew Kitchen, Anchor Construction

Sutapa Samanta, MDOT SHA D4 ADE- PD

Shaun Fielding, HNTB