Project Development

2024 conference Sessions recap 

Technical Session - Project Management

The Project Development Subcommittee of MDQI developed and facilitated a session at MDQI 2024 on Project Management.  The focus was on the importance of effective Project Management in project delivery – in the context of a dynamic business and political environment.  The session began with an overview of the Project Management Summit (a joint MDOT/ACEC event held in 2023) presented by Tony Mawry of Wallace Montgomery.  The PM Summit emphasized the importance of Communication, Partnering, Process and Best Practices – in light of workforce challenges in the industry and evolving pressures.  Mo Agostino of SHA then presented on key project management issues relative to SHA project delivery.  His approach was to address the fundamentals of Who, What, Where, When, How, and Why in terms of the SHA Program and project management.  Sushmita Mitra of MDTA presented on important project management considerations facing MDTA.  Her approach was to address Budget Management, Unique MDTA Project Delivery Elements, and How to Navigate.  We wrapped up with a panel discussion that included Liz Kanner of STV and Pat Martino of RK&K.  The audience joined in the discussion with questions and comments that recognized the long-term challenges that the industry faces.  Clearly, good Project Management is critical to program/project success whether or not the program is in the mode of growth or decline.

Technical Session - Work Zone Safety: Legislative & Policy Update

Last April, Governor Moore established a Work Zone Safety Work Group chaired by Lt, Governor Miller. That Work Group divided into two sub-committees.   Driver Behavior with a focus on educating drivers about work zones and influencing safe behavior behind the wheel.  The second subcommittee is the Roadway Operations, focused on best practices and available technology for planning, designing, and operating work zones. Administrator Chrissy Nizer and Deputy Administrator Teri Soos provided an overview of the committee’s process and recommendations.


Develop innovative and cost-effective projects, on time and within budget, that use practical design principles, protect the environment and improve the overall quality of Maryland's transportation systems.

Objectives & Action Plans

Objective: Continually educate the industry in matters related to Project Development

Action Plan/Strategy:

Objective: Promote efficiency in Project Development by improving the delivery process 

Action Plan/Strategy:

Current Initiatives

Alternative Delivery Work Group

Meeting Agenda & Minutes

Subcommittee Members


Sushmita Mitra, MDTA

Darrell Mobley, HDR


Laura Ridler, SHA OHD

Scott Pomento, SHA OHD

Lindesy Bobian, SHA OHD

Sean Campion, SHA I-495 & I-270 P3 Office

John Gover, SHA D3

Sutapa Samanta, SHA D4

Nora Bucke, SHA OED

Meredith Spicer, SHA OOC

Nageshwarreddy (Reddy) Karnati, MTA

Pat Martino, RK&K

Tony Mawry, WMA

Dave Leber, Wagman

Andrew Kitchen, Anchor Construction

Pamela Destino, WRA

Shawn Reynolds, JMT

Elizabeth Kanner, STV

James McVeigh, Alpha