Transportation Operations

This subcommittee strives to improve all areas of transportation operations by providing training and support to a diverse group of engineers, technicians, contractors, and county/local government representatives. The members of this subcommittee represent various areas of expertise and roles/responsibilities throughout the industry in order to best serve the needs of Maryland’s transportation community. Recognizing that operations is affected by design solutions, construction, maintenance, asset management, and incident management, this group is inherently connected to many other subcommittees within MdQI.


Positively impact Maryland’s transportation operations culture by using advancements in construction, maintenance and asset management while embracing partnerships.

Subcommittee Members


Corren Johnson, MDOT SHA District 5, 410.841.1001

Paul Goldbeck, AMT, 410.752.6552


  • Bill Billiet, Schnabel
  • Pranoy Choudhury, EBA Engineering
  • Ronald Ergott, MDOT SHA District 5 Construction
  • Tom Evans, MRMCA
  • James Folden, Century Engineering
  • Chris Fronheiser, Lane Construction
  • Bret Hadzimichalis, Pennoni
  • Jamie Hansen, Caliber Consulting Group
  • Breck Jeffers, FHWA
  • Marshall Klinefelter, Maryland Asphalt
  • Joe Manning, Wallace Montgomery
  • Bryan Smith, Wagman
  • Joe Vervier, MDOT SHA OED
  • Kevin Oberheim, RK&K
  • Dave Peake, GPI Engineering
  • Phil Peters, P. Flanigan & Sons
  • Mohammad Raqip, CHART – SHA
  • Vance Tsiamis, RK&K
  • Roy Wang, CST Engineering Inc.
  • John Wolford, District 6 – SHA
  • Bob Hackman, ACPA