Working with our industry stakeholders, we will foster and facilitate a collaborative culture for rapid implementation of meaningful innovations to efficiently deliver to the public a modern, high quality transportation system.

Objectives & Action Plans

Objective: Solicit industry stakeholders on innovations taking place with the MD transportation industry

Action Plan: Develop survey to gauge the number and breadth of innovation that is taking place in the industry

Objective: Support the implementation of FHWA Every Day County (EDC) Initiatives

Action Plan: Working with FHWA partners, we will continue to provide quarterly updates on progress on EDC initiatives being pursued by MDOT and the industry.

Objective: Identify opportunities to implement innovations to overcome challenges faced by today's transportation practitioners

Action Plan: Develop a survey that identifies current challenges faced by today's practitioners that could be overcome though the implementation of innovation.

Objective: Develop process by which innovations are identified and prioritized for recommendations to the Maryland State Transportation Innovation Council (STIC)

Action Plan: Once results are received from survey, work with MdQI Innovations Subcommittee to develop a process and format to present innovations for implementation by the MD STIC


STIC Incentive Grants offers technical assistance and funds—up to $100,000 per STIC per year—to support the costs of standardizing innovative practices in a state transportation agency or other public sector STIC stakeholder.

Subcommittee Members

Dave Coyne, Co-Chair

Subrat Mahapatra, Co-Chair

Mark DeLuca

Bimal Devkota

Ben Gilardi

Dr. Dong Hee Kang

Mike Rice

Jeff Robert

Dr. Lei Zhang

Michael Sakata

Andy Duerr

Marshall Kleinenfelter

Bob Hackman

Monica McCluskey

Matt Hayek

Bharat Peddu