We will foster a collaborative culture for rapid implementation of outcome driven innovations to efficiently deliver to our customers a safe, efficient, modern, high quality transportation system.

Objectives & Action Plans

Objective: Awareness building

Action Plan:

  • Identify innovation topic areas and share links to existing resources through the MDQI Innovation Sub-committee webpage

  • Conduct forums/webinars/presentations regularly to share innovations in our industry on various topic areas

Objective: Encouragement/Promotion

Action Plan:

  • Engage non-highway agencies in the innovations subcommittee including all TBUs, local transportation agencies, other MdQI subcommittees, industry associations and corridor coalitions

  • Promote FHWA Every Day Count (EDC) and State Transportation Innovation Council (STIC) initiatives throughout MDOT and encourage participation

  • Promote innovations on various topic areas through regularly scheduled forums/webinars/ presentations

  • Use events like MdQI Conference Innovations Showcase, MDOT Ops Innovations Showcase and forums like Colorado Lean to promote MD based innovations

  • Engage universities, institutes of learning and research centers to foster innovative transportation solutions to address real world transportation applications

  • Present STIC grant funding applications and MD Every Day Counts (EDC) innovations at the Fall 2021 CEAM Conference

Objective: Implementation

Action Plan:

  • Utilize MdQI innovations subcommittee to identify innovations for consideration by MDOT or local transportation agencies for potential STIC or other innovative FHWA funding. Note: Need to have a MDOT or local transportation agency champion who will own the innovation

  • Explore the development of a Communications and Outreach plan/innovations portal utilizing STIC grant application funding to link to existing innovative content and identify who will own and maintain the application

  • Provide a platform for agencies to share EDC and other innovations with peers, partners, stakeholders, and decision-makers (e.g., Ops Innovation Showcase, MdQI Conference Innovations Showcase, etc.) - Ongoing

Objective: Communication

Action Plan:

  • Coordinate with the MdQI Public Relations subcommittee to support compiling and delivery of content from all MdQI subcommittees on innovations taking place in our industry to share, using media such as webinars, blogs, newsletters throughout the MdQI Steering Committee membership

  • Coordinate with MdQI agency and association communication teams to communicate ongoing/ upcoming activities related to innovations


STIC Incentive Grants offers technical assistance and funds—up to $100,000 per STIC per year—to support the costs of standardizing innovative practices in a state transportation agency or other public sector STIC stakeholder.

Subcommittee Members

Dave Coyne, Co-Chair, JMT

Subrat Mahapatra, Co-Chair, MDOT SHA

Mark DeLuca, CEAM (Howard County)

Bimal Devkota, Baltimore City Department of Transportation

Mike Rice, MDOT MDTA

Michael Sakata, MTBMA

Tom Jacobs, University of MD, Center for Advanced Transportation Technology

Dr. Mansoureh Jeihani, Morgan State University

Joseph Burke, MDOT SHA

Marshall Klinefelter, MD Asphalt Association

Bob Hackman, Geomaterials Consulting , LLC ( MRMCA representative)

Monica McCluskey, Prime AE Group, Inc.

Matt Hayek, RKK

Marisela Tavarez, FHWA (currently on rotational assignment)

Ben Gilardi, MDOT SHA

Sam Kahl, MDOT SHA

Merujyoti Roy, HNTB

Serena Liu, FHWA